Micellar Makeup Remover And Its Skin Benefits

Micellar water is plain water suspended with tiny oil molecules known as “micelles”. Micelles possess both the hydrophobic and hydrophilic qualities and therefore have the ability to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. Like a magnet, these tiny molecules are attracted to dirt, sebum, and grime because of which it is widely used as a makeup remover. It is very soft on the skin and leaves skin perfectly refreshed and hydrating.

The formula was initially developed in France. It was to help the people living in Paris to cope with the harsh water supply of their region. Over decades it was popular in France. Presently, its popularity areas are expanding globally and it has become the essential product of daily skin care kit.

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Benefits of Micellar Water

how micellar water work

Rinse free – It wipes off makeup without the need of rinsing afterward and yet it deeply cleanses the face.

Micellar is free from alcohol –  It is alcohol-free and leaves no tingling and tightening effect as the normal makeup remover does. In fact, it gives a supple and soothing effect.

Removes stubborn dust-  You can ditch your facial cleanser and facewash with micellar water as it is powerful enough to wash away the stubborn dirt present on the skin surface.

Works as a moisturizer– It moisturizes skin thus no need to use moisturizer after using it.

Micellar water acne block–  It prevents acne break out as it wipes off all the excess oil from face.

Travel essential – Micellar water means you don’t have to compromise with your daily skincare routine. It’s also great for traveling as you don’t need a sink to rinse face after using it. So, whether it is office or you are going on a trip just remember to stash one in your tote wherever you go.


How to use micellar water?

Soak a cotton round with the formula and gently wipe your face and it’s done. But you’ll have to put a little more effort while removing eye makeup. What you got to do is – gently press the micellar soaked cotton ball on closed eyes for 20-30 seconds then wipe it off. This trick will remove your eye makeup with just one swipe. It also wipes off lipstick in just one stroke. If you want to double its effects wash your face with a facewash first then swipe it with micellar water. It is suitable for all skin types even if you have sensitive skin use it without any doubt. It is an ideal pick for your gym bag. Use it to sweep sweaty face after you are done with your gym routine.


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