Some Wonderful Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an herb, known as ‘Babune ka Phal’ in Hindi. Prized for its medicinal properties and beauty benefits. This flower is native to Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and blossoms during early summers.  Its tea is prepared by adding dried chamomile flower to boiled water. Chamomile tea is also popular as “ manzanilla tea” at some places. This magical golden brew tastes marvelous and its tremendous floral fragrance makes your worries to disappear. There are many different species of chamomile, the most common and effective of which are “German Chamomile” and “Roman Chamomile”.
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Health benefits of Chamomile tea:-


cup-of-chamomile-teaChamomile/ Camomile tea sleep benefits

Chamomile is a caffeine free tea because of which it can be consumed at night. It is like ambrosia to the people who struggle with insomnia. Chamomile tea relaxes nerves and helps you get good sleep. Even those who are suffering from sleeping disorders may get some benefit from it. It is best when consumed before sleep.

Chamomile tea for skin irritation

It soothes pain and irritation because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It treats acne, eczema, common swelling, redness, rashes or infections associated with these diseases. It is also used as a disinfectant and can use for cleaning minor cuts and wounds on the skin. You can directly apply chamomile tea bag on the affected area after dipping the tea bag in warm water. Try not to rub the tea bag on your skin, just dab it gently.

Chamomile anxiety dosage

Chamomile tea treats anxiety,  one or two cups of chamomile tea is enough to consume per day and can significantly help in eliminating stress as it contains some relaxant agents.

Speeds up the healing process

The tea has great healing properties which were initially discovered and used by Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. It speeds up the healing process of minor wounds.

Reduce blood sugar

Drinking a cup of chamomile tea after meals can help to decrease blood sugar level and regulating the amount of insulin in the body. It also reduces the risk of vision loss, nerve and kidney damage.

Calms muscle spasms

Consumption of this tea can calm muscle spasms as it raises urine levels of glycine, that calms muscle spasms. This is why it is also ideal for calming menstrual cramps.


Beauty benefits of chamomile tea :-

Chamomile hair rinse

Chamomile benefits your hair in many ways. It elevates dandruff and makes your hair strands silky. Anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile help in soothing scalp irritation and also strengthen the hair. Not only this, but you can also lighten your hair color by rinsing them with chamomile tea after hair wash.

dried-chamomile-flowersChamomile tea for skin whitening

It unifies skin tone and combats the darkening area of body and face. If you wish to clarify the skin in areas have a propensity to darken over time such as armpits, knees, elbows, then chamomile can prove to be very useful.  Dip a cotton ball into the tea and dab it on your face daily to lighten your complexion and give your face the natural glow you’ve always wanted.

Remove Dark Circles

The tea tightens skin and leaves your skin looking refreshed. Dip two tea bags in warm water, wait for five minutes then place them on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this process three times a week and you will see the result instantly.

Skin Moisturizer

It nourishes and moisturizes your skin deeply if taken on regular basis. You may also want to add it to face masks to draw more of its beauty benefits.


It has plenty of antioxidants which prevent skin damages. It increases the life of cells, tighten the pores. Thus, slow down the aging process.


How to brew a perfect cup of chamomile tea:-

Chamomile tea can be prepared both with loose dried chamomile flowers or organic chamomile tea bags. Personally, I prefer loose dried chamomile flowers.

Step 1. Heat 8 ounces of water for each cup you prepare.

Step 2. Add 2 spoonfuls of loose dried chamomile flowers for one cup of tea (8 ounces).

Step 3. Heat until it starts to boil rapidly.

Step 4. Remove the pot from heat, put a lid on and let it steep for 5 minutes to increase effectiveness.

Step 5. Now, the magical golden potion is ready to drink.


Optional – Add lemon, honey, sugar according to your taste.

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