Weight loss routine with Paleo Diet

Want to hear about Paleo Diet? It is important to understand the past to have a bearing upon the present. Our predecessors never had to feel the agony of waiting for a lipid profile test and the ultimate rush to see a doctor. Fortunately, they were ignorant of the artificiality of food products and ate

11 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Junk food cravings, improper sleep routine, and work pressure can make you unhealthy and most of the times result in problems like obesity and weight gain. There are various effective exercise like swimming, jogging, cycling and so on that you can add to your daily routine to keep yourself healthy and fit but if you

Tremendous Health Benefits of Morning Walk

An hour of daily morning walk can beat all your health-related problem. Especially, it helps the people suffering from a host of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. Even health experts prefer walking instead of running as it is a low impact exercise and goes easy on the heart. The freshness and