Turkish Tea Break – Sip Some!

Turkey is majorly famous for its coffee, but then why Turks are so fascinated by tea? It all started during World War 1 when the rates of coffee rocketed sky-high as Turkey lost control over its coffee crops after the downfall of the Ottoman empire. Thus, to quench their thirst for a beverage, the Turkish

Weight loss routine with Paleo Diet

Want to hear about Paleo Diet? It is important to understand the past to have a bearing upon the present. Our predecessors never had to feel the agony of waiting for a lipid profile test and the ultimate rush to see a doctor. Fortunately, they were ignorant of the artificiality of food products and ate

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin With Some Easy Home Remedies

How to fix dry skin? Cold, dry winter air drains the life out of plush, smooth skin. People with dry skin type suffer from more dryness of skin during winter that can further results in immense breakouts and itchy skin. Excessive dryness of skin can also cause other medical conditions. So, it is recommended to