10 Most Useful Personal Grooming Tips For Business Professionals

No matter in what profession you are, you have to look presentable. In the end, it’s all about how good you look, whether you are a software engineer, a marketer, a teacher or a chief executive of a company. The professional look is not only about choosing the right outfit but also personal grooming and some accessories to enhance your beauty.

You represent your company with the look you carry so make sure your appearance is strong enough. The first thing that everyone should pay attention to is ‘whatever the look you go for make sure that suits your work environment’. If your work environment is conservative then dress in a way that makes you fit in that conservative environment.



The things you should know about the professional look:


1. Your clothes should fit you well

You should not wear any loose clothes to your workplace because they give the very casual impression and indirectly shows your careless nature. I’m sure you are not careless but loose or baggy outfits project you as a reckless person when you are working in a corporate. So, choose your attire smartly.

2. Hold your hands when it comes to perfume

Wear a mild perfume or deodorant, avoid heavily-scented products because they overpower the room and are considered offensive in a corporate environment.

3. Professional looking fingernails

Your nails should be clean and well sculpted and if you have coated them with nail paint make sure it is not peeled out. Totally avoid nail extensions and overly long nails. Business professional nails are generally coated with neutral colors.

4. Clean shoes for a good image

There should not be any hint of dust on your shoes. Dirty and scuffed shoes are a big no-no, make sure your shoes are clean and scuffed free. Also, avoid wearing noisy shoes, they highlight you but in a non-appreciative manner.

5. Add some color to your lips

Apply some lipstick or lip stain on your lips for attractive lips. Go for light lip colors and if you want to apply something bright than avoid doing eye makeup or just keep it neutral.

6. Personal hygiene

Bad mouth odors can be a real hurdle in your success, it repels people. Brush your teeth 2 times a day and use medicated mouthwash. If you have any oral issues than use mint tabs or spray after every meal you take.

7. Facial hair

Remove unwanted hairs from the face like upper lips, always make sure that your upper lips are waxed as it does not look good. Cleanly shape your eyebrows to add more beauty to your looks.

8. Makeup and skincare

First, moisturize your face to keep it soft and hydrated. Wearing no make is not a smart choice but don’t overdo makeup, just apply some concealer to cover up your dark circles and spots on face and add a little tint to your lips.

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9. Carry appropriate accessories

The bag that you carry to your work should not be very sparkly or shiny instead go with matte colors. Never wear noisy jewelry like noisy anklets or bangles. Prefer small earrings and add to your look with a simple wrist watch.

10. Professional hairstyle

If you have short hair then leave them open but keep in mind that they should not fall over your face. Long hair women are advised to secure their hair in a ponytail or in a nice bun.

hairstyle for working woman

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