10 Easy Makeup Hacks For Daily Work Routine


We, women, spend a fortune on beauty experts to get a perfect look. It’s worth sometimes, but we cannot visit a salon on daily basis. Moreover, when we apply makeup at home it takes so much of the time and for the working women out there it is very difficult to find time to get an impeccable look and makeup sometimes can prove to be a rescuer in the workplace. So, it is kind of important for a working woman to know the few beauty hacks. Here are some useful beauty tricks that will totally change your life and will turn makeup into a fun job.

1. Eyelash curling tip- Heat up your eyelash curler a little with a blow-dryer before using it. This will make the curling work easier and will give your lashes extra holding power. You can also make your lashes look thick by dabbing some baby powder on it before applying mascara.


2. Smooth application of lipstick- Apply your lipstick with a concealer brush. This trick is best to give your lips a perfect-smooth texture as your lipstick will blend with your lips nicely.



3. Pencil liner tip- Turn your liner pencil into a gel by heating up the tip with a lighter. This will make it softer and the pencil will run down on your skin with much fewer efforts.

pencil liner


4. French tip nails- Do french manicure with a rubber band. Put a rubber band from where your tip of nail starts then apply the nail paint on the tips. Let it dry, remove the bands and you are ready to flaunt it.


5. “Micellar Water” makeup remover- Use micellar water to remove makeup as it is very effective at picking up stubborn sebum and long wear makeup. It also gives your face hydrated and glowy look.

micellar water


If you wanna know more about micellar water also read:  Micellar Makeup Remover


6. Easy removal of nail paint- Remove glitter nail paint easily by replacing base coat with white glue. Now, you can happily apply several coats of your favorite glitter nail polish, it will peel right off.


7. Lighten your dark circles – Lighten your dark circles by applying concealer in a triangle shape under it and then blend it by using a sponge.

undereye concealing



8. Best lip plumper- Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip balm to make your lips look plumper and you can also rub them with a toothbrush for the same.

plump lips


9. Winged eyeliner with tape- Use duct tape for sharp winged eyeliner technique to save you from the mess and give your eyes a perfect finished look.

winged eyeliner


10. Tip to enlarge eyes- Apply eyeliner only to the outer ¾ of your eyelid and extend it a little beyond the outer corners or use a light color liner on your lower lashes to make them look bigger.


bigger eyes makeup





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